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35 Continuous Years of Experience

Our lives are changing. Because of technology, we are all a mere point and click away from being connected to anyone in the world. The way we receive top tier care is also changing. No longer are we tethered to an office, or required to spend time driving, then search for a parking spot, wasting time waiting in a waiting room. Being homebound, injured or sick, or stuck in the office for work… these are no longer obstacles to getting the help you need. Almost every aspect of clinical psychology practice can be accomplished online.

Need a warm, caring psychologist to meet with regularly, short or long term if needed, to help you get through the dark seasons of your life? Struggling in a relationship? New Marriage / Blended family adjustment? Premarital questions? Divorce? Managing overwhelming anxiety or depression…or something more severe? You don’t need to go through any of that by yourself.

Need a diagnosis? Need a medication recommendation sent to your primary care physician? Need a mental health or substance abuse evaluation? Need a psychologist to communicate with a probation officer, a teacher, a lawyer? Need an ADHD evaluation? It’s all doable via online meetings, right here.

I’ve worked full time, post Ph.D. for the past 35 years (as of 2020). The last 31 years have been spent in private practice exclusively as the director / owner of a multidisciplinary group practice. My Ph.D is in clinical psychology (APA Accredited), earned from one of the country’s top university-based professional schools in psychology. I hold active licenses as a fully licensed psychologist in Michigan, Florida, and Hawaii. I receive 40 CEUs of additional training every two years to maintain these licenses. Feel free to Google me.

Yeah, Online Therapy

It's really a thing!

After 35 years post-Ph.D. of doing things the traditional way, online methods offer much needed access and greater freedom to us both.

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The Good News! I will provide you with a bill for services which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement upon request. Most insurance plans now include meeting with a psychologist online (telemedicine) as billable. I’m a preferred provider in dozens of plans.

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Living Apart from Loved Ones

Are you apart from your partner, spouse or family member ? No Problem. Whatever situation you’re in, we can meet online even if you’re in different cities or time zones.

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Sometimes it’s not convenient or practical to meet in person to obtain quality counseling and psychological services. Meeting online, from your location, is now possible from Dr. Milhander’s HIPAA compliant Telemedicine office. Meeting with a Psychologist via an online format has been found to be just as effective as meeting face-to-face. High-definition video and sound, along with end-to-end encryption with healthcare licensed software guarantees your privacy and confidentiality.

Dr. Milhander’s online office is located at Just sign in as a patient and get in the queue. It’s a snap! But make sure you have an appointment first. Laptop? Desktop? Tablet? Cell phone? No problem…they all work!

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Life is not so easy. We all stumble in many ways. We’re simply not equipped to deal with everything. We struggle with self care, academics, health, and work. Our relationships can be difficult, frustrating, and complicated. Sometimes they don’t work out. It can be tough managing our time, money, thoughts and emotions. We can get stuck with bad habits that we can’t fix.

Some of us have secret, double lives that no one knows about. Some of us are recovering from trauma, coping with grief or dealing with depression and anxiety that doesn’t seem to respond to any of our efforts. Few are free to move through life without something going wrong that sets us back or knocks us down or puts us in a ditch.

Most of us will at some point blow up, neglect or fail to nurture some important aspect of our lives. And sometimes we find ourselves in trouble with the law.

When things get bad enough, and only you know when that is, having someone to talk to, lean on and problem solve with through the rough season(s) of change can make a big difference.

Modern life is not traditional anymore, and counseling / psychotherapy has evolved to address these social changes. You don’t need to be mainstream or traditional to obtain understanding, comfort and compassion. You can get the help you need no matter who you are or what shape you arrive in, through all stages of the lifespan.

Relationships end. They break down. And when they do, it hurts. Some of the most stressful, excruciating emotional pain we experience emerges when, for whatever reason, a significant relationship or attachment comes to an end. Death, divorce, a break up, a job loss, a career change, aging, relocation and more are all occasions where we grieve, where we rage, where we curse and beg and where we have regrets. During these times, having someone to talk with can make a difference in our recovery and our healing.

It is my honor and privilege to walk with individuals, couples, and families through the darker days of their lives for over thirty years. Sometimes there’s laughter. Sometimes there’s tears. We have sorrow and regrets.

Years of Experience
Hours of Counseling
Specialty Services


Dr. Milhander has special expertise in these areas and more. When appropriate and with your consent, he will work with your primary care physician, lawyer, child's teachers, significant other, and family members to insure that your difficulties and concerns are given the attention they need.

Short and Long Term Psychotherapy

Interpersonal, Psychodynamic / Psychoanalytic, CBT, Clinical Hypnosis, Counseling, Life Coaching and more.

Precision Psychopharmacology

Medication recommendations faxed direct to your primary care physician, based on objective measures.

Clinical Diagnostics

Been searching for answers to what’s wrong?


If you’ve been involved with the legal system and require a licensed psychologist to provide an evaluation, diagnosis, expert witness testimony, a report or treatment, Dr. Milhander is a board certified forensic examiner with a Diplomate endorsement in Clinical Forensic Psychology.

Psychological Assessment

Attention Deficit Disorder (in children and adults), Learning Disability, Personality, Psychopathology, Violence Risk and more.


Communication is key, whether you’re together or not. Learn how to strengthen your marriage, optimally manage infidelity, reduce harm to your children, and steer clear of parent-child alienation. It’s essential to create a marriage focused family.

Blended Family Adjustment

You don’t need to spend years trying to figure out how to better integrate yours, mine and ours.

Child Behavioral Issues

Behavioral Management is effective. What is your child trying to communicate when he/she is behaving poorly? It’s not all about changing your childs’ behavior.

Divorce Mediation

You can spend months and years litigating your divorce. You can file motion after motion to show cause against one another. You’ll accomplish basically nothing except throwing money needlessly into the hands of your lawyers. You’re also likely to alienate your kids at some point, leaving them with lasting emotional damage as well, when you undertake an adversarial divorce. Did you know there is an alternative to going down this road? While there is no way to avoid the grinding, agonizingly horrible work of crafting an agreement, it is possible save months and years of grief, rage, and frustration in the process of arriving at an agreement. It’s even possible to reduce the likelihood of re-litigation. Working with an experienced psychologist who can guide you through the mediation process, communicate with your lawyer(s), and craft an executable mediation agreement is difficult work. This investment in time is worth it in all ways. You’re going to have to do this work, terrible as it is. Save yourselves thousands of dollars in legal fees, give yourselves the gift of time to heal, and begin to create meaningful memories again with your children, family, and friends. A well-crafted and well-mediated divorce is a beautiful thing for all involved.

Premarital Counseling

It’s all about due diligence…and asking lots of questions. Further, we all change. This means the person you’re courting is not the person you’ll be married to. It also means the person you’re married to in the first year of marriage is not the same person you’ll be married to in year 5, or year 10. How well do you really know each other? Have you sorted out the issues relating to having children, parenting styles, religion, money, sex, and lifestyle? Are you mature enough for monogamy? Are you considering a non-traditional marriage? Let’s figure these things out before you make a mistake and lose decades of your life.

What Clients Say

"He was friendly, down to earth, and when you see him you will see he is a real person."

"He doesn't have a desk he sits behind. He honestly cares about you....non judgemental and nice."

"He is not your average doctor who sits behind a desk and judges you."

"I was super nervous about my first appointment and within the first 10 minutes I was completely comfortable with him. I am a woman and it's not always easy to tell a man every thing about you."

"Helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I can't say thank you enough!"

Let's get real.

Good therapy isn't just seeing your shrink. Sometimes we need more...a phone call, a text - it's all cool. We can do that.


$200.00 per 50-55 minute hour.
For other services feel free to reach out to me at

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Seeing a therapist for the first time isn't easy. It takes some combination of courage and reaching the end of your rope.
I'll make it easy for you.